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Educational Services

We believe...

Education plays an important role in the progress of an individual’s mind and country. Education is the process of instruction aimed at the all round development of boys and girls. Education dispels ignorance. It is the only wealth that cannot be robbed. Learning includes the moral values and the improvement of character and the methods to increase the strength of mind.

Ignorance and poverty are major speed-breakers in the swift developing country and can be overcome easily through education.

If you are educated, you can’t have a wrong philosophy. Education is everything.

With this vision and philosophy, we diversified our activities into the education sector.

Importance of Coaching Centre...

Today the competition is tough in any educational field. Parents are conscious of this fact and are allowing their children to join coaching classes at early stage to prepare good base for appearing in various examinations.

Coaching provides the mutual model of communication and inspiration that the students of present age require. It's all about developing the highest potential in students as well as creating a positive environment to secure good grades. Coaching is for high functioning people who are ready to move into action to create the professional and personal successes they imagine.

Professionals in their Coaching sessions, talk about subject matter; interpersonal skill and ways to adjust in odd circumstances. They cover delegation, time management, work-life integration, communication, executive presence and presentation, interpersonal skills, career planning, stress reduction and decision-making. Best teachers in coaching institutes work hard and also provide the support, encouragement, sounding board and accountability to help students achieve their goals. The best part of a Coaching institutes is that students can talk to teachers freely and contact them any time for doubts and study related problems.

We felt the absence of professional coaching centre in Kuwait to provide coaching to Indian student which is at par with the best in the field, equipping the Indian students of Kuwait to compete with their fellow students in India.

With the above in mind we have launched first of its kind education centre – ACHIEVERS ACADEMY to provide professional coaching for Indian students of IX, X, XI and XII following CBSE curriculum, in support from Brilliant Tutorials Pvt. Ltd. of India.

For more details call us at 55814990, 55816990, 22274612 /3
Visit our website www.achievers-academy.net

Young Achievers Nursery

Program for children aged one to four years is based on the principle that the early years are the most critical in a child’s development. Scientific research has highlighted that 85% of brain development occurs during the first five years after birth. Every aspect of the program is designed to support and encourage active learning.
Young children learn best when they are actively engaged with people, materials, events and ideas. We provide the stimulating environment where kids learn when they have objects they can manipulate, have opportunities to explore and experiment with and when they can learn through trial and error.
The indoor classrooms and outdoor spaces are set up to promote active learning and encourage different types of play. Each room is divided into areas that support individual or groupactivity and learning . Students are placed in mixed ability grouping to play and learn. Classrooms consist of one teacher and a teacher assistant.

Language arts: English and Arabic,vocabulary and language, letters, words, stories and reciting Quran
Abacus Math: Activate child’s latent mental power and develop his motor skills using the abacus (Chinese brain tool) that elevates child’s interest and maximize his skills. The child first learns to count, then moves to recognizing numbers, quantities and also becomes familiar with the sorting, matching, pairing and sequencing activities.
Science: Physical science, life science, earth science and the environment
Social studies: Spaces, and geography, people and lifestyle, environment, and history
Exercises: These exercises develop the child’s senses and ability to perceive the environment around him.
Creative Art: Visual arts, drama, music
Technology: Awareness of technological tools and people and technology
Excursions: Throughout the year, we take the children on field trips to reinforce concepts and topics taught in the class.