About AK Modern

A. K. Modern Establishment, along with all its associate Companies covers a wide range of products & services in the field of industrial gas manufacturing, oil industry related construction projects, representation of multinational companies involved in the field of welding, cutting and safety equipment, pharmaceuticals, medical products, education sector, travel and tourism, general trading & marketing and investment & real estate development.
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Education plays an important role in the progress of an individual’s mind and country. Education is the process of instruction aimed at the all round development of boys and girls. Education dispels ignorance. It is the only wealth that cannot be robbed. Learning includes the moral values and the improvement of character and the methods to increase the strength of mind.

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Representing Multi National Companies for various products. Dealing in H-SAW and Steel Pipes, Hazira Pipe Mill Group member of ESSAR Steel (www.essar.com), Manhole Covers and Frames made of Ductile Iron, Grey Cast Iron materials and other materials, Seamless Steel Pipes, Valves and Fittings, High Security Fence System etc.

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We offer services across entire spectrum of client's needs. If you have projects in civil engineering, oil and gas, infrastructure or simply access requirements, talk to us as to how your Scaffolding & Formwork needs can be conceived & executed in the most reliable, professional and safest manner.

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The primary focus of this division is to provide Project Services to the Oil & Gas industry, covering upstream, mid-stream and downstream sectors. Project Services indicated above compriseProject Management Consultancy, Residual Process Design of Process Units, Process Design of Utilities & Offsites,Detail Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management Services.

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We successfully entered into FMCG supply trading services in 2014 and it’s been very successful in this Market. We deal with wide variety of products in both Food and Non Food FMCG verticals. We source and develop the best products across the world and supply across Retail stores of all formats.

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COMFEET The foot care clinic is the first fully integrated service in Kuwait Speciality for diabetic patients. We provide general nail Maintenance such as: Corn and hard skin removal, Reduction of thickened nail ( Fungal nail), Ingrown nail / Crack heels, Assist of foot complaints ... and much more.

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Food & Beverage

Bacolod Chk-N-Bbq House is the famous home of the original chicken inasal of Bacolod.
Other inasal chicken parts such as liver (atay), gizzard (baticolon), ass (isol), wings (pak-pak) and skin are also among the favorites at any of its nine branches. Aside from the top seller chicken inasal other famous Western Visayan favorites.

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Information Technology

AK-modern have a partnership with many top leading companies in the technology fields, we have AspenTech is the world’s leading supplier of software that optimizes process manufacturing. in addition to HEAT Software is leading the unification of Cloud Service Management (CSM) and Unified Endpoint Management (UEM).

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